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UK Injects U.S.$13.5 Million Into Nigeria's Energy Sector

The UK plans to boost its investment in renewable and climate change projects in Nigeria, the Minister for Africa, Vicky Ford said on her first trip to the country. She added that the UK was keen to improve energy access in Nigeria and help the country to keep to its COP26 commitments.

The amount, according to Ford, will also help to scale up solar-mini-grid and home systems, clean cooking infrastructure and cold storage infrastructure in Nigeria. "The UK is committed to increasing both renewable energy and energy access in Nigeria, driving clean, sustainable and resilient growth," Ford added.

Nigeria's Minister of State for Power, Jeddy Agba, who received the money on behalf of his country, thanked the UK government for its active support towards Nigeria's effort in achieving its carbon neutrality target in 2060.

Power demand in Nigeria vastly outstrips supply, meaning its 200 million inhabitants must either go without, or rely on expensive, fume-belching generators. Nigeria has the capacity to produce an estimated 7,000 megawatts of power, but due to weak infrastructure, gas supply problems and water shortages only a little more than half of that reaches the national grid.

The UK also announced the payment of U.S.$286,000 as fraud compensation to the government of Nigeria. This follows a four-year corruption investigation led by the UK's Serious Fraud Office relating to the use of corrupt agents in the Nigerian oil and gas sector.

Ford is on a three-day visit to Nigeria to strengthen ongoing efforts by both countries to build on the UK-Nigeria partnership and strengthen strong security, anti-corruption and economic ties.




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