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Economic Agent For Emerging Markets in Africa

About Us

Who We Are

Oakmark Global Vision is a business consultancy firm founded in 2011. We have diversified our business and became established economic agents.


Our role is to bring to the West and Pan African emerging market, what is required by the populous. This ranges from import and export to telecommunications, amongst others. With offices in the United Kingdom and Nigeria, we are able to assist our clients across borders.


We assist within the areas of commodities and through the provision of specialist skills across various industries such as manufacturing and agriculture. Oakmark Global Vision is a multifaceted company with a global outlook that incorporates working out transactions between the African markets and those in Europe, Asia, and North America.


The company has experience working cross-culturally and advising on business protocol as well as the governing rules and regulations of the African countries we work within. Oakmark Global Vision understands and acknowledges the importance of doing business without frustration. Our team strictly complies with the UK Bribery Act 2010, and is committed to and also expects accountability, transparency and efficiency in all our operations and engagement with our stakeholders. 


We have a range of specialisms which span from an in-depth knowledge of the products and services needed for the African market. We also focus on liaising with our domestic partners to provide import and export regulation, advice in markets and were to operate, as well as marketing development for organisations. We are Specialist in 1&1 support for companies and entrepreneurs, wishing to enter into emerging and frontier African markets. 

Economic Agent For Emerging Markets in Africa
Economic Agent For Emerging Markets in Africa

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Changing volatile times demands honesty assessment of situations as they arise. This we will provide.


Company Overview

Oakmark Global Vision is a bridge for those who are aware of the opportunities in the emerging markets of West and Pan Africa, but are apprehensive about how to work effectively within its business environment. From witnessing this constant hopeless desire of pioneering business organisations wishing to tap in to the growing market in Africa, Oakmark Global Vision was conceived. The team within Oakmark have understanding and experience of the African climate, and how to best meet our client's needs.


Oakmark gradually refined it activity over recent years, in response to the changes observed in both Africa and more recently UK, Brexit. The team of six make up the Executive management structure, with Ikenna as the (CEO) and Chairman of the organisation. Nkem as the cross-culture and relationship expert, followed by Jide who is in charge of marketing. We then have Nkiru who is our finance expert, and Damilola who deals with all our contracts. Finally we have Odey who is our (COO), and in charge of all operations in the organisation.


Each of our team members has years of experience under them, and are ever ready to handle your needs. The company works with a number of associates in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Côte d'Ivoire and the majority of Sub Saharan Africa.


With Oakmark Global Vision and its associates, we will support manufacturers to introduce their goods to the West and Pan African markets. We will support entrepreneurs to enter and review the market, and advise in strategic routes. We will support investors to find lucrative areas of interests and products. Through experience we know that the tools for success in this field are transparency, honesty, communication and excellence.

Economic Agent For Emerging Markets in Africa
Economic Agent For Emerging Markets in Africa

Specialist Skills

We have specialism in the field, which ensures confidence and success.


Mission Statement and Core Values

Our mission is to provide a profitable, transparent and excellent service without frustration to our Client. To uncover investment opportunities in the West and Pan African emerging markets, to create wealth and value. Our overall global vision, is to make sure satisfaction is guaranteed, and our clients are happy with the outcome and progress.


We accept responsibility for our actions, making and supporting business decisions through experience and good judgement.


We take every effort to insure the highest standard, to give a proffessional service.


We are transparent in our approach to business, making sure we carry you each step of the way.

Working Partnerships

We work with our clients to build a strong and successful relationships

Integrity and Fairness  

We take a balanced and fair approach to our activities, and put integrity at the top of our agenda.


Our Clients

We are working hard with reputable clients, businesses and entrepreneurs both local in Africa and international who are looking to invest into the West and Pan African market.

Our clients include:

Our Partners

Oakmark are always looking to partner & collaborate with reputable companies, who share the same vision as us in trading in the African market.

We are currently in collaboration with:


Our Memberships

Oakmark are always on the look out for membership, with reputable groups. Currently we are member of the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, the Greater Birmingham Commonwealth Chambers Of Commerce, the Greater Birmingham Transatlantic Chamber of Commerce, and Nigerian British Chambers of Commerce.

Our Accreditation's are:

Our Affiliations

Our Affiliates are an extension of Oakmark Global Vision, please take you time to look through what we do.

Our Affiliates are: