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Tanzania to Refine 970 Kilograms of Gold Per Day

Tanzania will be able to refine 960 kilograms of gold per day when the construction of three refineries is completed.

This was stated by Minister of Minerals, Dotto Biteko today on June 13, during the inauguration of the Mwanza Precious Metal Refinery (MPMR) the factory in Mwanza with a capacity of extracting 480 kilograms per day, and another 450 kg processing plant is located in Geita region.

Minister Biteko, who is proud of the growth of the mining industry in the country, said another factory with a capacity of 30 kilograms is being built in Dodoma .

He said the construction of these facilities, the implementation of mining laws and policies as well as the careful management by the Government, mining activities have increased the contribution of the mining sector to GDP from 5.2 percent to 6.7 percent in 2021.

The Minister said his Ministry has collected more than Sh544 billion equivalent to 103 percent of the target of collecting Sh526 billion for the financial year 2020/21.

"It is our belief that we will raise more than Sh650 billion for the next financial year 2021/22," said Minister Biteko.

Given the gains made since the reform of mining law and policy, Minister Biteko said the goal of increasing the sector's contribution to 10 percent by 2025 will be achieved.

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