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More pain for Tanzanians as fuel prices soar despite subsidy

Tanzanians face more squeeze on household budgets with the increase in fuel prices from Wednesday, despite a government subsidy.

The Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (Ewura) set the new retail prices at Tsh3,410 ($1.48) for a litre of petrol and Tsh3,322 ($1.42) for diesel in Dar es Salaam on the back of the increased cost of fuel in the global market when it made its purchase in June.

“The prices of oil in the world market continue to rise and thus causing fuel prices in the local market to increase as well,” said Modestus Lumato, Ewura’s Director-General, in the monthly review.

Kerosene prices recorded the highest jump to Tsh3,700 ($1.59) a litre, up from Tsh3,442 ($1.47) a litre in July, a Tsh258 ($0.11) increase.

Petrol shot up by Tsh190 ($0.81) up from Tsh3,220 ($1.38) last month, while diesel was up Tsh179 ($0.08) from Tsh3,143 ($1.34).

“For Tsh10,000 ($4.29), one will only get two litres of either petrol or diesel and some change,” lamented Sunday John, a motorist in Kigoma on the August review.




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