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Minister: Britain can now have 'special relationship' with EU

The post-Brexit trade deal negotiated at the last minute will enable Britain to have a “special relationship” with the EU, British Cabinet Minister Michael Gove has said, using a term traditionally used to describe the close relationship with the US.

The trade agreement now makes it possible to leave the difficult and “ugly” Brexit process behind and to embark on a new, more hopeful era, Gove wrote in a guest comment piece in The Times published on Saturday.

Nevertheless, a number of things would change from January onwards and companies would have to adjust to them, he said.

On Thursday, which was Christmas Eve, London and Brussels announced a breakthrough in talks on a joint trade pact for the time after the post-Brexit transition period ends.

At the turn of the year, Britain finally leaves the structures of the European Union after almost 40 years of membership, thus averting the worst consequences of the divorce.

The 1,256-page agreement is now available online. It will initially come into force provisionally, as the time for ratification on the European side is too short. The British Parliament is due to vote on the deal on December 30.




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