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Kenya: Govt Extends Avocado Export Ban to Curb Harvest of Immature Crops

Kenyan growers and exporters dealing in the avocado export business face an indefinite ban on the export of Hass and Fuerta varieties.

Kenya Agriculture and Food authority director Benjamin Tito noted that the ban, which took effect on November 15, 2021, is aimed at curbing the harvest and export of immature avocados.

The ban however exempts the export of jumbo avocado varieties and those having off-season crops.

The food regulator noted the ban will remain in effect in order to control the export of immature avocadoes which have negatively impacted the image of the commodity in overseas markets.

"Harvesting and export of immature avocadoes have interfered with the cropping cycle of trees thereby reducing projected volumes in subsequent harvests,"

It further warned that exporters who use marketing agents without valid registration permits shall have their licenses revoked.

"Exporters transporting avocados without appropriate packaging and on open pick-ups. Probox or canters contrary to the Crops regulations, 2020 shall be penalized."




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