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Egypt Begins its COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign with China's Sinopharm

Egypt began the vaccination of medical staff on Sunday with the Chinese Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine at a hospital in the northeastern province of Ismailia, according to a vaccination program by the Egyptian Health Ministry.

Abdel-Moneim Selim, an ICU trainee physician at Abu Khalifa Emergency Hospital, feels confident about the Chinese vaccine.

"The safety of the Chinese vaccine has been scientifically certified. Many people had participated in clinical tests before we were vaccinated. I believe the Chinese vaccine will protect me in my work."

Egypt received the first batch of the Sinopharm vaccine in December, to be officially licensed for emergency use that same month after undergoing four tests conducted by the Egyptian Drug Authority proving it safe and effective in coronavirus prevention — as per the Health Minister.

Hala Zayed, the Egyptian Health Minister, is also feeling good about the move.

"Egypt is the first African country to receive coronavirus vaccine and the first to conduct nationwide vaccinations in Africa. I'm glad to be a volunteer of the phase 3 clinical trial of the China-developed vaccine in Egypt."

Vaccination priority will be given to medical staff dealing with COVID-19 patients, followed by those dealing with other patients, the elderly, those with chronic or immunity diseases, and the rest of Egyptian citizens.

Egypt reports a total of 162,000 COVID-19 cases, 126,000 recoveries and just under 9,000 deaths.




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