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China to assist 19 more African countries with vaccines

China has provided COVID-19 vaccine aid to Equatorial Guinea and Zimbabwe and will aid 19 more African countries as part of its commitment to making vaccines global public goods, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said Monday.

China will also support enterprises to export COVID-19 vaccines to African nations that urgently need, recognize and have authorized the emergency use of Chinese vaccines, Wang said.

The aid is a clear manifestation of the China-Africa traditional friendship, he said, adding that China will continue to provide support and assistance within its capacity and in accordance with the needs of Africa.

Meanwhile, China welcomes and supports France and other European and American nations in providing vaccines to help Africa fight the pandemic, Wang told a press briefing.

He made the remarks when asked to comment on French President Emmanuel Macron’s remarks at the Munich Security Conference that Europe and the United States should immediately provide enough COVID-19 vaccine doses to Africa, otherwise African countries may choose to purchase vaccines from China and Russia, with that “the strength of the West will be a concept and not a reality.”


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