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BA tries to poach rival cabin crew staff with £1,000 bonus

British Airways is offering new cabin crew a £1,000 "golden hello" as the airline battles to recruit workers.

The company says it will pay new employees £500 after three months and the rest after six months - but only if they can start before July.

Airlines and airports are struggling to find new staff after making steep cuts at the height of the pandemic.

BA and others have been forced to cancel flights due to resurging demand ahead of Easter and not enough staff.

One barrier to recruitment is that airline workers have to pass stringent security checks which can take several weeks or months to process.

BA says applicants must have an airside ID for either Heathrow or London Stansted Airport as well as having completed cabin crew safety training, suggesting the company will look to rival airlines for staff.

It also says that cabin crew who are not able to commence training prior to July this year if, for example, they have to work a long notice period, "may not be eligible for the welcome bonus".

Since the beginning of the year, BA has cancelled about 1,200 flights due to staff shortages and Covid-related absences.

Earlier in 2022, BA cancelled flights due to stormy weather, which also caused delays in unloading baggage from planes. Some flights were also affected by IT issues resulting in luggage piling up and passengers stuck on planes after they landed.

The airline cut around 10,000 staff due to the pandemic and the restrictions placed on the travel industry. However, last year it began rehiring staff.

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