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Afghanistan: Hundreds left behind as UK ending Kabul evacuation.

The UK has entered the final stages of its Kabul evacuation and no more people will be called to the airport to leave, the TV Ministry of Defence says.

The MoD said processing facilities at the Baron Hotel, outside the capital's airport, had been closed.

The defence secretary expressed "deep regret" that not everyone eligible had been evacuated, including around 800 to 1,100 Afghans and 100 to 150 Britons.

The US, which is running the airport, is withdrawing its troops by 31 August.

It comes after at least 90 people were killed - 13 of them US military personnel - in a suicide bombing at Kabul airport on Thursday.

At least 150 people were also wounded in the attack, which the so-called Islamic State group says it was behind.

But Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said the UK's withdrawal "wasn't hastened by the attack".

It had earlier been thought there were two explosions, but the Pentagon said on Friday that there had been no second explosion at, or near, the Baron Hotel, which is close to the airport




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