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Markets reopen in Nigeria coronavirus hotspot

The government in Nigeria’s most populous state Kano has relaxed the total lockdown imposed to contain the spread of coronavirus beginning on Monday.

Supermarkets and some fruit and vegetable markets are allowed to open from 10:00 to 16:00 on Mondays and Thursdays to allow people to buy food and other basic necessities, according to a government statement.

The state has seen unexplained deaths in recent weeks with some reports saying hundreds of people have lost their lives.

It is not clear whether the deaths are directly linked to coronavirus.

A presidential committee consisting of health experts deployed to the state says the causes of the deaths are being investigated.

But the state has seen a rise in the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19.

The easing of the lockdown in Kano comes as the capital Abuja, as well as commercial hub Lagos and Ogun state also relax their lockdown measures.

A nationwide curfew has been imposed by the Nigerian government from 20:00 to 06:00.

Wearing of face masks is also mandatory.

On the first day of easing lockdown, people have trooped out to banks and markets, in some places with little or no regard for social distancing rules.

Many cars are also seen on the streets. Schools, places of worship and parks remain closed and large gatherings still


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