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Kenya Eyes Oman Market for its Livestock Products

Kenya has announced plans to start exporting livestock products to Oman, a sector that has previously been handicapped, owing to the rampant cases of foot and mouth diseases among the livestock.

However, the government now says it is putting in place measures to curb these misgivings. Among them is the empowering of the Kenya Veterinary Vaccine Production Institute, through which they will be able to provide to the farmers, cheaper vaccines.

Furthermore, as Kbc reports, both the national and county governments are developing a livestock bill that will, in the long run, create registered producer associations to help livestock owners aggregate their produce and sell them in bulk so as to eliminate middle men from the value chain, and in turn maximize on profits.

Additionally, the Kenya Veterinary Vaccine Production Institute will improve capacity and increase accessibility of products to farmers, as well as link them to the international markets in Oman.


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