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MTN, ZTE unveil first 5G network in East Africa

The telecoms group MTN Uganda and the telecoms technology solutions provider ZTE Corporation have joined forces to roll out the very first fifth-generation (5G) service in Uganda.

The partnership showcased a high-speed 5G network in the 60 MHz spectrum bandwidth with an actual rate of above 1.494 GB/s.

East Africa’s first 5G network can support typical 5G applications such as low-latency, ultra-reliable communication, as well as major machine-type communication.

The network operation and deployment utilise ZTE’s end-to-end 5G equipment to achieve a complete separation of the data plane and signalling plane without depending on the existing evolved packet core network or long-term evolution core.

The parties released a joint statement saying that the demonstration fully showcased the 5G network’s capability as a solid foundation of intelligent society, as well as MTN and ZTE’s commitment to promoting 5G development in Africa.

In addition, ZTE also unveiled its end-to-end commercialised 5G solutions, including 5G Flexhaul, the Beyond 100G Transmission, 5G terminal devices, 5G New Radio and Big Video.

ZTE’s Vice President, Bill Yi said that ZTE is excited to share its new technologies with MTN. He added that the company had also improved its 5G capabilities and had become a core supplier of end-to-end solutions in the international information and communications technology industry.


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