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In a show of might and power, China has made plans to publicly unveil its nuclear missile that travels Mach 10 and can strike the United States within 30 minutes. The super-nuke with 10 separate warheads is scheduled to be paraded through Beijing on Tuesday while most of America sleeps.

The Chinese government has performed dress rehearsals of the parade to commemorate the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, and the 70th anniversary of Communism in the country. The spectacle on Tiananmen Square is expected to be a showcase of Chinese arms, according to The Sun.

Among the weapons and pageantry will be the Dongfeng-41 nuclear weapon that is blazing fast, multi-faceted and the centerpiece of China's declaration as a tablesitter in the world's nuclear arms race. It is described as the most-lengthy intercontinental ballistic missile on the globe.

Knowledge of the weapon is nothing new to the public. Dating back two years—just after Donald Trump took office as President of the United States—the weapon made headlines as it rolled off the assembly line and into the Chinese arsenal. But the weapon has been under design since 2012.

What can it do?

Reports indicate the "super-nuke" contains up to 10 separate warheads, can travel 25 times the speed of sound—or roughly 7,600 mph—and can be launched from either a hidden silo or from the back of a truck.

In addition, it supposedly has a range anywhere from 7,500-9,000 miles, and it has penetration sensors built into it that confuse detectors from defense missiles from other countries, mainly the United States.

The Chinese government has said its weapon that could bring doomsday is more about power through peace than intimidation through power.

It's about China's opportunity to "flex its muscles" and show a "peace-loving and responsible China," according to The Sun.

Tuesday's military parade is expected to showcase 15,000 Chinese troops, 580 pieces of military equipment and more than 160 aircraft, according to Major General Cai Zhijun, the country's defense minister. The country anticipates more than 188 members from total of 97 countries to be on hand for the parade.

Some of the weapons expected to be shown during the parade will also be the first time they will be unveiled to the public, Cai said. However, the most-anticipated weapon of viewing will be the Dongfeng-41, otherwise known as the "doomsday" weapon.

The name "Dongfeng" means "east wind" when translated to English. The weapon's 11,000-kilometer range puts the U.S. mainland well within range of the super weapon.

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