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Pres. Weah Dedicates Liberia's First Steel Factory

President George Manneh Weah inaugurates Liberia's first steel factory, expressing optimism about foreign investors' interest in the Liberian economy.

President Weah asks Liberians to unite with different economic powers in attracting foreign investors to Liberia to invest in the economy.

The President notes that Liberia has rubber, but the country does not have a factory to produce shoes and other rubber related products, noting that Liberia needs "Made in Liberia" products like other African countries.

President Weah warns Liberians employed with the Sethi Brothers Steel that the country would need more factories that will be engaged in the production from row materials to that will immensely move the economy forward.

He pleads with the Management of the company to tolerate Liberians in its employ and warns Liberian employees to be respectful and honest in the discharge of their duties, assuring that government is prepared to working with the management.

President Weah says Liberians should not blame anyone for the underdevelopment of the country but themselves, while expressing gratitude to Nimba County Legislative Caucus through Senator Prince Y.

Johnson for its role in the process leading to the establishment of the first steel factory here.

The proprietor of the factory, Mr. Paul Sethi, discloses the entity has employed at least 500 Liberians and hopes to employ more Liberians as operation progresses.

He thanks President Weah for creating the enabling environment for foreign investors to come to Liberia to invest in the economy and create job opportunities for Liberians.

He adds that the factory has some foreign staff that will train their Liberian counterparts, who will eventually take over the operations of the factory thereby, making it a Liberian-owned.


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