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Namibia: Beef Exported to China Distributed to the Asian Market

Meat processing and marketing entity, Meatco this week said that the first consignment of premium beef exported in March was finally released into China's market, in Shijiazhaung - Hebei Province.

Namibian Ambassador to China, Elia Kaiyamo was there to witness the milestone occasion on behalf of the Namibian government and Meatco.

"The significance of the consignment of Namibian beef is more than just adding yet another high-quality ingredient to the Chinese people's plate and marks the success of two countries in the realization of win-win cooperation and happiness for all featured in the vision of Sino-African community with a shared future," he said in a statement.

According to Kaiyamo Namibia is the process of preparing other customer's orders.

"We strive to live by our objective that of being the preferred marketing channel of Namibian livestock and to promote the most sought-after meat brands," he added.

Currently China is the world's largest consumer market of beef, which is an added bonus for Namibia to place its product in a niche market.

The first 21 tonnes of beef to China was exported at the end of March, in a move to diversify the southern African nation's destinations for export.


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