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UK citizens face charges for using bank cards in the EU

BRITISH and Northern Irish consumers may face extra charges after Brexit for using credit and debit cards in the EU if the UK leaves the bloc without a withdrawal agreement or implementation period.

It's yet another potential blow for consumers already facing the prospect of higher prices for goods if a hard Brexit goes ahead this month.

"In the event that the UK leaves the European Union without a withdrawal agreement or implementation period, credit and debit card transactions with UK payment cards in EU member states could become more expensive and surcharges may be applied," UK Minister of State Michael Bates said.

He said this was because "the UK would be treated as a third country in relation to the EU".

He added: "As the second Payment Services Directive, which currently bans surcharging for consumer credit and debit cards issued in EU Member States, would no longer apply to UK payment cards, any changes would be a result of the laws of individual EU Member States."

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