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Champagne consumption in Gabon impacting the economy

The sales of champagnes are in full boom in Gabon. The Central Africa country with 1.8M inhabitants is one of the largest consumers of the beverage of bubbles by the increase of the request from the people of high class.

The latest report of exports of champagne in the world, published last year by the Interprofessional Committee of wine placed the country in the top 10 of largest consumers.

Mbandinga says sales of the product explodes from the beginning of may till the end of August due to marriages, Baptism and other occasions.

Some customers say the drink can be taken by anybody in the world. An economist notes that the impact of the product on the economy is overwhelming.

“The impact is direct, when we take into account the lives of the population and the fact that it is imported, and comes from abroad, all income, all expenditures that will be made in obtaining it will necessarily benefit the final producer who is generally strangers”, says an economist, Christian Awana, .

Gabon is one of the biggest producers of oil in Africa and the country generates billions from the product, however, a huge percentage of the money is diverted to the purchase and consumption of champagne mostly in the capital, Libreville.


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