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Economic Agent For Emerging Markets in Africa

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In 2014, Africa construction sector attained a growth of 46.2%, showing to the world that bumper growth is unquestionably underway in the concrete industry of Africa. The value of projects under construction jumped from US$ 222 767 million in 2013 to US$ 325 828 million in 2014, for a total count of 322 projects. Needless to say, construction opportunities on the continent are countless… If the sky may not be the limit, concrete definitely is.

Africa has therefore become very attractive to specifiers, in search for more and more proposals for building construction and rehabilitation. According to a recent report by Deloitte, Africa’s construction industry will continue to expand through 2020 and beyond. The report noted that world’s fastest growing economic regions, with several countries making real, albeit tentative, steps into the global market.

Despite the fact that there are numerous challenges facing the growth of Africa’s construction industry there are some Key factors that have been helping the industry stay afloat. The construction industry in Africa is a major driver for social change, accounting for a sizeable proportion of most countries’ Gross Domestic and Gross National Product. This could be an exciting opportunity for construction firms to explore this upcoming sector within Africa, which Oakmark can help to facilitate your entry.

Area of Expertise

  • Operations Consulting

  • Strategy Consulting

  • Government Policy

  • Business Development and Management

  • African Economic Market

  • Political / Social landscape

  • Risk Management

  • Public Sector Engagement

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Business Proposals

  • African Market Intelligence

  • Business Plan Strategy & Creation

  • Market Entry Strategy & Creation

Economic Agent For Emerging Markets in Africa

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