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Economic Agent For Emerging Markets in Africa

Our Team

Phidelis Karimupfumbi

Corporate Adviser / Senior Business Consultant / Zimbabwe & Southern African Region

Phidelis Karimupfumbi

Phildeles is our adviser for Zimbabwe and Southen African Regions. He served for 25 years in Zimbabwe National army in various capacities and reached the commissioned rank of army colonel. The most notable was serving as Personal Staff Officer to the Chief of Staff Generals, which put him in strategic and sensitive position to help influence army activities.

​Phildeles holds the Queen's commission after graduating as a Second Lieutenant at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the home of her Majesty's Officer Corps and a fair number of officers from the commonwealth.

He hold a BA degree in War and Strategic Studies from the renowned University of Zimbabwe, the oldest centre of excellence in the country. He recently graduated with a Masters Degree in International Relations from the prestigious University of Birmingham which is in the Russell Group.

​Phildeles has a sound knowledge base of security and international issues particularly Southern Africa, and an even in depth knowledge about Zimbabwe where he is from. Phildeles is passionate about collaboration, and encourages Investment between Africa, and international organisations.

Phildeles is able to facilitate the engagement of government officials by virtue of his former position in the army. Oakmark is happy to have his expertise on board, as we push the boundaries in connecting all Pan-African regions with global partners.

Economic Agent For Emerging Markets in Africa

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