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We don’t smuggle goods into Ghana, GRA can testify to that – Nigerian traders

President of the Nigeria Traders Association in Ghana (NUTAG), Chwukuemeka Nnaji, has said his members do not smuggle goods into the country as perceived by many Ghanaian traders.

According to him, NUTAG pay taxes to the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) anytime their goods get to Ghana either by sea or land.

He added that there are receipts to prove that their goods cleared at the ports and Ghana’s borders were paid for.

Mr Nnaji also squashed claims that Nigerian traders are bringing in goods that are not manufactured in Nigeria, the term, Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) labelled as dumping of goods in the Ghanaian market.

"What he, GUTA President is calling dumping is when you smuggle goods into the country and we do not smuggle any goods to this country. We pay our duties and we have the receipt to show for that. Ghana Revenue Authority can bear us witness that whatever goods we bring to this country, we pay duty for it and this is not dumping.”

He, therefore, advised GUTA president, Dr Joseph Obeng, to change his advisor as he believes, the advisor is performing poorly concerning the Ghana-Nigeria trade war.




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