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Rwanda Suspends Importation of Indomie Instant Noodles

Rwanda Food and Drug Authority has started an inspection into the 'indomie chicken flavour' product over health concerns.

The product, which is imported from Kenya, is said to have high levels of aflatoxin. Rwanda FDA hence asks traders to stop importing it for now.

A few days ago, Comesa Competition Commission (CCC) stated that the above-mentioned products contain high levels of aflatoxins and pesticide residues in large quantities.

The commission through its market observation established that some of the recalled Indomie products are imported and marketed in the other member states of the COMESA.

The Commission would like therefore, to alert the general public of the risks in consuming above Indomie instant noodles.

The New Times gathered that Food and Safety Authority (FSA) of Egypt, also discovered potential harmful residues of aflatoxin and pesticides in some samples of the product.

Following the directive, 733,340 cartons of different Indomie flavours have been withdrawn from the Egyptian market by the supplier.

While the inspection continues all distributors and retailers in possession of the above-mentioned products are requested to stop distribution and quarantine all quantities in their stores until the investigation is concluded.

FDA also asks the importers of this product to stop importing for now.

FDA added that a communication will be made on the findings of the investigation.

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