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LG Unveils AI-Powered Washing Machine in Kenya

LG has introduced a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered 2021 Vivace 950 (V950) Washing machine into the Kenyan Market.

The firm said the introduction of the machine was driven by a rise in demand for home appliances in the country attributed to the adoption of the work-from-home model brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

"This is besides a significant growth in the working women population that is driving the demand for appliances such as Washing Machines and Refrigerators that assist women with household chores," the firm said.

LG Electronics East Africa Managing Director Sa Nyuong Kim said the V950 machine is aimed at making it easier for everyone from professionals to working mothers to maintain a happier, healthier home as they attempt to balance work and family life.

"At the center of our mission is to help consumers embrace life and prepare them for its greatest moments. From where I sit, no better washing machine would have delivered this objective better than the LG AI Direct Drive (DD) V950 washer. To us, life's about more than having the latest technology. It's about the experiences technology creates". he said.

It is the latest upgrade from the AI DD line-up of washing machines with the last model (2020) being the V900 and previous models V500 and V300. In terms of capacity, the previous models could only handle between 7 and 10.5Kg on a standard cotton washing cycle.

Besides, the Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive - AI DD feature and deep learning technology, the machine is optimized to offer intelligent care and perfectly enhance washing performance by not only detecting the volume and weight of each unique laundry load but also using AI and advanced sensors to identify fabric types in each load hence delivering both effectiveness and efficiency.




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