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Russian Embassy Asks UK Authorities For Information On Salisbury Poisoning

The Russian embassy in the UK has asked authorities to inform Moscow regarding the situation with poisoning of two individuals in Salisbury, a spokesperson of the embassy said Tuesday.

On Monday, Wiltshire Police said that a man and a woman were found unconscious on a bench at a shopping center, adding that both people were “in a critical condition in intensive care.”

The individuals are still hospitalised and being treated for suspected exposure to an unknown substance.

The BBC media outlet reported citing own sources that the man was Sergei Skripal, a former officer of Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate, accused of espionage on behalf of London, who was granted an asylum in the UK after a U.S.-Russia spy exchange.

“UK authorities and law enforcement bodies should intervene immediately and inform the Russian embassy and the UK society of the real state of affairs to finally put an end to demonizing Russia.

“Taking this into account, the embassy has asked the UK Foreign Office for clarifications,” the spokesperson said in a statement obtained by Sputnik.

According to the official, UK media outlets are speculating on the issue.

“Even though UK law enforcement bodies offered no substantial statements on the circumstances of what happened, it is possible to draw a conclusion from media reports that this was a planned operation of the Russian security forces which does not correspond to reality,” the spokesperson added.


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