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Economic Agent For Emerging Markets in Africa

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Oakmark Import and Export

Oakmark Import and Export

Here at Oakmark , we can help you with your import/export distribution in to the African market. Our distinctive blend of service and support options combine to uncover opportunities that others miss. That's what distinguishes us. As a leading Import and export consultancy, we give you the best strategy into penetrating the African market. Companies look to strive over supply chains to gain a vying advantage.

With costly international logistics prices, import customs taxes, regulations and the ramification of cross-border commerce makes this arduous. Many organisations are to busy in dealing with the symptoms of reactive, unstructured approaches to address the root cause of their frustrations or lack of results.

​We help tighten the nuts and bolts of international trade and supply chain management. We drive efficiencies, guard you against unnecessary costs and risks, and help you to make the right decisions when problems arise. Our flexibility and personal approach allow us to cater for SMEs and large businesses alike, from identifying improvements in the most sophisticated supply chains to being a shoulder to lean on across many specialisms.

​We provide logistics solutions, across the West and Pan African market. And as a valuable logistics partner, we bring in our vast knowledge and experience. We operate with a combination of our own and subcontracted services ensuring that your goods are handled in the most efficient way, and with the highest degree of service standard.

Import / export Operations, International logistics & supply chain, Customs tax planning & regulations, Global trade compliance and ​Supply chain security.

Reducing costs, Minimising operating risks, Achieving compliance, Resolving daily issues, Capability building and Supportive procedures.

As well as traditional consultancy engagements we can coach, train and support you on an ongoing basis: Consultancy, Coaching & Training and Ongoing Support.

Area of Expertise

  • Import / export Operations

  • International logistics & supply chain

  • Customs tax planning & regulations

  • Global trade compliance

  • Supply chain security

  • Reducing costs

  • Minimising operating risks

  • Achieving compliance

  • Resolving daily issues

  • Capability building

  • Supportive procedures

  • Consultancy

  • Coaching & Training

  • Ongoing Support

Oakmark Import and Export
Economic Agent For Emerging Markets in Africa

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